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Breastfeeding may protect a... View
Lower birth weight or having been bre...
Major sign of kidney and he... View
Many patients with too much protein i...
Marijuana use linked to car... View
New research has found that marijuana...
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Clogged Arteries/The Myth of Cholesterol
Article I got from a patient who saw catalyst...
HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs a guide for primary
This is a sensational resource for general practice. Well set out and easy to read. I found chapter 8 and 12 most use......
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Drug Addicted Nurse View
A nurse who is employed at the local emergency department consults you telling you he has become ...
When running late... View
 I'm going to put my 'consumer' hat on and throw something out there.  W...
Most efficient ca... View
We get our patients to see the nurse who fills in a letter template in Best Practice, then see th...
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